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I miss the old Kanye (live mixtape, 2018)

Publié le 2018-05-10 03:55:00 I miss the old Kanye (live mixtape, 2018)
Special old Kanye West music



Intro • Through the wire • Never let me down • Can’t tell me nothing • Down and out • Runaway • Heartless • Jesus walks • Flight school • Dark fantasy • A million and one questions (freestyle) • Wouldn’t get far • Flashing lights • Homecoming • Diamonds • Diamonds are forever • All falls down • Let’s get married • Heard em say • Champion • Talk about our love • Touch the sky • The new workout plan • Walkin on the moon • Slow jamz • Knock you down • Power • Put on • Big brother • We don’t care (original unreleased version) • Good morning • Devil in a new dress

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